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Pretty Little Hate Machine's Journal

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Friday, June 20th, 2008
8:14 pm - what the fuck
What the hell is this cesspool of a collection of "literature"

Did I take myself SERIOUSLY? Honestly. What the hell.

wow. When I re-read this journal, I don't know whether to shoot myself in the face out of embarrassment, or laugh my ass off.
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Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
2:56 am
haha...... hey matt..... look at this....

How much do your lj friends like you?
LJ Username
who hates you? minuz64
why do they hate you? they're jealous
how much do they hate you? - 44%
who loves you? cypher64
why do they love you? you're awesome
how much do they love you? - 23%
This QuickKwiz by RinoaChan326 - Taken 2533 Times.
Get Free Daily Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

God I'm bored and I can't sleep.................

and I forgot just how stupid THIS journal is.
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Monday, May 10th, 2004
5:08 pm
Ho-lee shit.........I'm updating gothic angel!
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Thursday, December 11th, 2003
8:10 pm - Update......wow...
Yeah...I read that LJ was deleting journals.....so I thought I'd post here to keep this account active, because I still want it. yep! I'll probably post a little more in this journal from time to time...it'll probably just be my exclusive journal. indeed.
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Sunday, August 31st, 2003
7:29 pm - Indizzle....
So I went to nicky's last night and we were watching porn...and you know how in the Shotime porn...it's like................not real...they're not really fucking...so she was on top right?and I noticed... The head of his dick was against his leg....because the camera angle was off....It should have been a little more to the left....I pointed it out to nicky...and she was like "wha?" and I explained to her that in shotime porn...they tape the penis to one of the legs...and that's when I realized..............................I've been watching porn..for a very very long time.

that's my fun story of the day

Her cats seemed to think that the back of my legs and my ass were a bed....so they layed on me.

Can't really think of anything to say....

I want some Local action! woo good times

Watched real world....I want a couple of gay males.....they're so cute....I love it....I wish I was a gay man. I'd be all...cute and stuff...

the nails through my ears have caused infection....yeah.

nothing else to say...had fun last night...Nicky's a cool kid.


current mood: Amused...
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Tuesday, August 5th, 2003
2:28 pm - looook at thisssss
YOur mom....your mom......YOUR MOMMMMMMMMMMM

that's right......

I'm updating this one....

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Saturday, January 4th, 2003
4:57 am - The next chapter in our amazing saga......
He's back! and taking on new alias's.....

Grand'e takes on yet another alias as SOUF from the killer band Kevlar! Authorities are currently trying to find this LCSC but are un able to determine where he is....if you see him...please contact your local immigration services.....don't get him confused with Princess Nick.

You guys asked for more...there it is......

current mood: amused...
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Tuesday, December 31st, 2002
11:00 pm - Lonely new years....
Whoooooooo let's be all lonely..... fun fun fun. Well... I have a 4 year old keeping me company...she's just adorable....I love her....the only child that changes my mind about having children. Yeppah. Anywho....so I'm over at C's house. C's mom and My mom are watching "Enough". fun stuff. They're talking about how "she doesn't know where he is." yeah...anywho....My mom actually did something cool....she let me have some Mikes hard lemonade....it was beautiful. Yeppah....

So I hope you guys are having a good New Year. I'll probably go mess up C's room. This movie that they're watching sucks....it's all unhappy.....it's scary......I don't want to think about it...... so moving on......


Still just a rat in a cage,

current mood: lonely
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3:37 pm - Drama....drama drama drama everywhere......
Drama's in the air....everywhere I look around....Drama's in the air....and it's all that can be found.....

Thank you for joining Jessica's Couples and break ups counseling services.....Glad to be of service... people break up all the time....people get to gether..... Hearts are broken, lives are thrashed, and we are all left with the scars of life's cruel weather........ now that we've gone over that it's time to say the following.... STOP ALL THE DRAMA!

Thank you and have a great day.....

Now for an actual entry.....

So it's new year's eve. Just another day in the boring life of me. Probably going to go over to courtney's house, and be alone. Courtney's not going to be there. So I'm taking my comp with me....maybe someone will be on. At least they have cable. So I'll be able to find something worth watching.... heck yeah buddy. well kids...I'm out... new cuban slave child comics soon.....

love, prosperity, and happiness,

current mood: fed up with the drama
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Friday, December 27th, 2002
4:36 pm - and now kids...the time has come....
More scary than Mikey the desprate 9 year old who wanted a date off of yahoo....

IT'S GRAND'E (pronounced grauhn-day) THE LITTLE CUBAN SLAVE CHILD!

Lock your doors, he's watching you. Don't say a thing........

Based on a true story of fear, Love,Fidel Castro's iligitament warfare labstudies, What crack does to you, chickens, llamas and Bean burritos......




Roger and Ebert give it 1 thumb up!

"It's riveting, and it makes me want to go out and buy my own cuban slave child today"
-Jack Mehoff of Crackaddict Productions

"The sound track is amazing, with artists like One legged Zebra, and Fuck Stick Machete, this is sure to fly as a box office flop!"
-Hairy Paratestes of Pole Smoking Records

"he was born in a freak accident trying to clone micheal jackson"
-South Turk of Hooters Int.

"It's as if I've been shot in the eye with a butter roll"
-Matt Dooley of Jergins Film Ratings


current mood: Amused as all hell...
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Thursday, December 26th, 2002
1:05 am - Fuckin shit....
Okay so Christmas blew. There's like some sort of Law that states that my mother has to yell at me on holidays and my birthday, because I'm an ungreatful worthles source of constant failure....yep so I spent Christmas crying. Yay rah. fuck christmas, it's all lonely, and depressing, yeah...lovely shit. and on further news....I read Matt's journal, found out that some of it was aimed towards me, and now I'm crying because hey look, he hated me last year around holidays....yay, my BEST fucking friend in the whole world, one of the people I care more about than anything in existence, currently hates me. Hey isn't this just lovely....two years in a row...hated. You know...I feel like I could die. It hurts. So bad....my god you don't even know....... damn matt....that was fucking harsh. I didn't do anything to you...You are my BROTHER and I love you more than anything in the world....almost even more than kurt........That's .......fuck I can't even begin to explain how bad you hurt me.....

Fuck this shit, there's no point in going on with this stupid entry if my best fucking friend in the fucking world hates me....so fuck it.......whatever......

There's nothing left of my soul,


death is fine, give me mine

current mood: Indescribably upset
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Tuesday, December 24th, 2002
6:40 am - It's 7:00 am...what are you talking about?
Damn we're fucked up.......

Panasonic599: WOOHOO! It took me 14 years but i did it! I finally scared my dad! I've been hiding in the freakin tiny towel closet since i left you. I scared him! weehoo! I win!
Panasonic599: yes i would
XpainfulmistakeX: lmao
XpainfulmistakeX: ::high five::
Panasonic599: ho yeah!
XpainfulmistakeX: this calls for vodka
XpainfulmistakeX: I mean
XpainfulmistakeX: strippers
XpainfulmistakeX: I mean
Panasonic599: now is the time when u've got to watch The New Guy, its hilarious at this hour
Panasonic599: yes it does! I'll get the vodka, you be the stripper!
Panasonic599: let's move move move!
XpainfulmistakeX: lmao
XpainfulmistakeX: how about I get the vodka...and you go find a stripper?
Panasonic599: no, I can get the vodka easier, and u make a perfect stripper
Panasonic599: not that I'd have any trouble getting a stripper
XpainfulmistakeX: Fatty stripper
XpainfulmistakeX: I'd be a fatty stripper
Panasonic599: you'd be a great stipper
XpainfulmistakeX: and then kurt would leave me....cause he hates strippers
Panasonic599: bah! you would be stripping you'd be umm...taking off your clothes while doing an interpretive dance to a techno beat, while leaning on a thin ceiling support that happens to be a pole
XpainfulmistakeX: lol um....no
XpainfulmistakeX: I wouldn't degrade myself so
Panasonic599: come on! my friends Rachel and Whitney would do it if i paid them or something! I might even be able to get allison and/or Ginger to come over and give you a lap dance and make out with you, while I did smiler things with whitney and Rachel
Panasonic599: it'd be great, and we'd all be smashed
Panasonic599: it'd be JUST LIKE COLLEDGE!
Panasonic599: on TV anyway...
XpainfulmistakeX: lol.....Sean.....no....lol
XpainfulmistakeX: get (edit: my girlfriend's name here) to come over...maybe....
XpainfulmistakeX: but the whole stripper thing....no
XpainfulmistakeX: ::dances to the sound of the printer thing sliding over the paper::
Panasonic599: alright, u work on getting her over here, then i could get allison and ginger to come over, and ya'll could have a gay orgy thing...in front of my webcam (totally optional) while i did things with Whitney and Rachel. We'd all have a great time
Panasonic599: no stripper(s) required, well it wouldn't hurt if we had a couple, but it's all good
XpainfulmistakeX: um....how about....we lock ourselves in a room...you get locked outside the door....we don't have a webcam on....and you get to listen to our erotic noises
Panasonic599: that'd work too
XpainfulmistakeX: lol....I know....we could have the gay orgy on your bed
Panasonic599: YES!
XpainfulmistakeX: and I could fucking hear things......
Panasonic599: *thumbs up*
XpainfulmistakeX: ahhh
Panasonic599: here we go again
XpainfulmistakeX: but anywho...back to the details for our orgy...
Panasonic599: don't look at the damned crayon, go to sleep my lady
XpainfulmistakeX: lol it was my dog
Panasonic599: yes, back to lesbian orgy
XpainfulmistakeX: but anyhwo....
Panasonic599: on my bed
Panasonic599: lol
XpainfulmistakeX: we lock you outside your room....
Panasonic599: and you orgyerize
XpainfulmistakeX: and you stand there listening to the "Uhhhhhnnnn" and "OH YEAH" and the "FUCK ME" sounds that come out.......while we're orgyfing on your bed
Panasonic599: sounds like a pretty good plan to me
Panasonic599: but I think I should still get Whitney, just for the fun of it
XpainfulmistakeX: and then like......we get dressed.....and leave
Panasonic599: sounds good
Panasonic599: oh, and stop for a snack at Taco Bell
XpainfulmistakeX: lol.....with out cleaning up
XpainfulmistakeX: to be mean
Panasonic599: or The K-Mart eatery
Panasonic599: ewww
XpainfulmistakeX: lol but we wouldn't be hungry anymore
XpainfulmistakeX: LMAO
Panasonic599: well, it might not be that bad...
Panasonic599: lmfao
XpainfulmistakeX: Oh god that was wrong
Panasonic599: very very wrong
Panasonic599: but oh so right
XpainfulmistakeX: lmao....shit this is going on my lj
Panasonic599: lmao

yep....crackheads incorporated

current mood: Amused....
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4:08 am - Sickness sucks.....
Alrighty. Well Sunday I went over to Nicky's to spend the night. It was fun and stuff. I ate all her food. lol...we watched The Shining. Got scared out of our minds...did some talking to alais, went to steak and cheese.com, I took nyquill for my sniffly ness, and passed out. Woke up, and was thinking of kurt. hung out for a while and then Alais came over to nicky's and we started watching "Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas". yeppah....Kurt's all I think about...and I didn't get to talk to him today :( . oh well. But I'm talking to my nameless girlfriend..so it's all good....can't tell ya who she is......I'd have to kill you.

yep...well I'm out.......

I'm the eyes in your radio,

current mood: sick
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Sunday, December 22nd, 2002
12:35 am - MMMM slushie....
Yeah, I just got home from the mall. I was supposed to meet someone there, but I couldn't find them. I bought a few things. Spiked colar, A whole shit load of Jelly bracelets. Oh yes. I ran into Jessica there...she cut her hair and I didn't recognize her....god she's so beautiful....She didn't say anything to me. I started it. We were standing there with Kevin and she's likeshe was talking to Kevin and was all whispering...."is that Jessica?" and Kevin nods and looks at me....and I'm like "what?" and he goes "you're her ex girlfriend" i go...."OH MY GOD! JESSICA?! I didn't recognize you with that hair cut!" and she asked how I was...and I said okay....and then she introduced me to her mother...."hey mom, this is my ex girl friend." ah isn't that lovely? oh yes. Shoot me in the eye with a fucking butter roll! But I hugged her and said that it was good to see her, and that I hoped to see her again. Yeah....We're not going to be friends....it's so fucking awkward...and it's not my fault either....cause I'm cool with hanging....it's her. But whatever....

I hung out with Krista, Sarah, and finally found out who Poe was and hung out with the three of them. It was pretty cool. I feel sorry for Krista. She's so cool and her parents suck. She asked if she could spend Christmas with me. I'd let her...but my mom probably wouldn't. but anywho.....

I'm beginning to think that most of the people at the mall who say that they are wiccan, aren't really wiccan. Because I wished some of them a Merry Yule, and they looked at me like "What the fuck?" Like they didn't know what I was talking about. They should know...if they're wiccan. Whatever....people suck. and they always will.

although...one good thing happened...it was funny.....

I was with Pony and there were these 12 year olds following us, (they were girls) And I was like dude...I should like...Hit on them.... so I yelled up stairs to them "HEY SEXY BABES!!!" (jokingly, trying to scare them, they were short and fat, and I don't do lil girls) and they ran.....but came back...so I yelled at them again and then I did the thing with my fingers and my tongue that suggests pussy licking..... then Pony and I decided that we were going to follow them. So we ran up the escalator, and they got scared and started running....then we saw them outside, and they were all "take a picture it will last longer" then I was like, "bye hotties, I'll be dreaming of you tonight" and they went into vans...then we went in the other entrance and blocked them, and Dane (not the one that you know dooley) was all "oh dude I gotta see this" and I go up to them, "hey can I have your numbers, cause I'd like to fuck you" it was great...they were scared...then it turns out...Simon knows them...and was all "oh don't mess with them" and like...they were all over him....the kid's a freakin pimp man...I love that kid.

well...I can't think of anything nice to say....so I'll say fuck you.

Fuck you it all goes away,

current mood: Longing to talk to Kurt
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Saturday, December 21st, 2002
4:18 am - Hey everyone.....
I know that probably none of you are pagan...but I figured that I'd say this.....

Merry Yule everyone(dec 21st)

Yep, today is yule. Okay...well it is kind of early for this...but I may not be online before Yule is over. SO THERE! Blessed be everyone!

I don't wanna be just like you,

current mood: Merry
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Thursday, December 19th, 2002
1:51 pm - A few reasons why psychiatrists suck.....
I hate my psychiatrist...he's creepy......and stuff.... But you know what....he should KNOW that you're not supposed to touch people.....Because some people will go wicked MAD if you touch them and then someone's gonna get hurt. They told us that in Laurel Wood...so what the fuck? Some people don't like to be touched because of years and years of abuse, and that can cause someone to get defensive. Yeah...so today he tickled me...and I debated on Bowing him in his grill......It pissed me off....he's a creepy old man. and he told me that I looked like Johnny Cash... WHAT THE FUCK? and he upped my meds AGAIN....he's like...nuts......and then he was like "we're going to get your life back, and maybe we'll get you a new color other than black." FUCK NO...so the meds that I am on now....

Depikote- 500 mgs
Welbutren- 250 mgs
Zoloft- 75 mgs

Yeah...but anywho......I don't want to go back to that place...it's scary....

On other news....I'm still at the library. My computer is STILL fucked up. And there's a baby....I'm about to kill it...it won't shut up. yeah...well I better go before someone reads that line right there......

I can't feel if I can't breathe,

current mood: blah
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Wednesday, December 18th, 2002
5:27 pm - Okay people....
Alright...this is lovely...another update via Buford Library system.....

Someone fucked my computer over....and when I find out who....they gonna die. (okay...maybe not literally, but their comp is gonna die)

So I don't know when I'll be online again....no one cares anyway...and I don't care if any of you care either......

Yeah, so today was the last day of school...I almost started crying...especially when I hugged matt....It reminded me of how much I missed him over summer, and how last year around this time we weren't talking to eachother...that was the shittiest break ever. But I hate the holidays...I get to spend them alone....ALONE. And I won't get to see my brother...I'm gonna cry a lot for the next few weeks...it's gonna be bad....RAWR. Damn...I'm already about to cry.....

Well kids I gotta go......So this may be my last update for a while......comment if you actually care so that when I check this again...I can feel special and maybe I'll stop crying.

Your mom,
Jessica Elise O'Pry

Brownie points if you can read the following.....

01001001 00100000 01010111 01000001 01001110 01010100 00100000 01010100 01001111 00100000 01010010 01010101 01001110 00100000 01000001 01010111 01000001 01011001 00100000 01000110 01010010 01001111 01001101 00100000 01000001 01001100 01001100 00100000 01010100 01001000 01000001 01010100 00100000 01010100 01001111 01010010 01010100 01010101 01010010 01000101 01010011 00100000 01001101 01000101 00100001 00100000 01001100 01000101 01010100 00100000 01001101 01000101 00100000 01001111 01010101 01010100 00100000 01001111 01000110 00100000 01010100 01001000 01001001 01010011 00100001 00100000 01001100 01000101 01010100 00100000 01001101 01000101 00100000 01000010 01000101 00100000 00110001 00110111 00100001 00100001 00100001 00100001 00100001

If you can read that...then perhaps I'll worship you. And once you read it...if you understand what I'm saying....then you'll know my pain.....

current mood: depressed
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Sunday, December 15th, 2002
9:31 am - who honestly reads this shit?
I don't know why I update this. But anywho......

Yeah, so you'll be glad to know that I'm like the happiest person allive right now. I don't want to die at all. SCOREAGE! I'm like on the ultimate HIGH! LIFE! Yes, I know that sounds really fucking weird coming from me...but still! I talked to Kurt on the phone for 5 hours last night, the whole time we talked, it was about us. About how much we love each other, about how horrible we'd feel if we lost eachother. We talked about children. If we had kids, they'd be beautiful creations, and they'd be an exception to the rule that states that all children are brats. Oh yes. I have found my true love. And what's funny, is that we think alike. Like he was all, "I have a question for you. I feel like I'm cheating you out of experiences that most teens get. Like the whole dating thing. do you feel that way? because if you do, then I would feel really really bad about that." and I told him that he wasn't and he was all "well good, because I'd feel really bad." and I told him "I want to wait for you, and only you" and he was like "and I want to wait for you. But in a way I feel like I'm helping you. like, if you are waiting then I'm saving you from the pain of other relationships." (in other words, guys who just wanna fuck then leave) AWWWW HOW SWEET! ::heart beats with delight:: Be happy for me. Okay...I'm gonna shut up now, because some people might get all "oh that's depressing" so I'm gonna shut up and move on to other news....

other news:

I started working on my little adventure story again. It's fucking funny as hell, though it could be better, because I'm forcing myself to write it out of boredom, rather than waiting for inspiration. Yeah so it sucks just a bit, but at least that lets you know that it's mine.

No one is online..... I'm gonna cry. So I guess I'll go and play games on yahell. Yeppah....

All alone is all we are,

current mood: Happy beyond belief
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Wednesday, December 11th, 2002
6:03 pm - Okay....Chorus concert......details...fight....
Okay so Monday we had a chorus concert. I went to the bathroom to fix my hair with glue and stuff....and Tamara starts some shit with me. so here's the story...in the form of a play....

the following is true...

(Jessica is in the bathroom, styling her hair with glue. Enter HALEY and TAMARA)

Haley:Why do you fix you hair with glue?
Jessica: Because I can
Tamara: Why did you tell everyone that I'm fatter than you?
Jessica: I didn't
Tamara: Yes you did! I've never said anything about you being fat.
Jessica: Yes you did. A week after I was joking around with you and said you were fluffy, you said "I can't believe you called me fluffy, you're fuckin fatter than I am"
Tamara: I did not!
Jessica: Yes, you did.
Haley: Yes you did.

(Tamara makes a retarded noise)

Jessica: um, right.

(Jessica walks over to go dry her hands)

Tamara: Oh my god! Look at how you walk! (mocks Jessica as parents of other children enter to use the bathroom)
Jessica: Shut the fuck up, bitch.
Tamara: Oh my god! When Paula gets mad, she walks like this! (mocks Paula while making yet another retarded noise and more parents enter)
Jessica: Hey bitch, Don't EVER fucking make fun of paula again. If you do I'll beat your fucking ass!
Tamara: I wasn't making fun of her!
Jessica: Bullshit.
Haley: Yeah she got like that on the bus when I was talking about Paula.
Jessica: Yeah, that's because she's my best friend, and I'll beat the shit out of you too if it happens again.

(exits JESSICA)


(In the chorus room. Jessica is talking to Natasha. Natasha is to the left of Jessica and Tamara is to the right of Jessica. Jessica looks enraged)

Natasha:What's wrong?(Tamara is listening to their conversation and Jessica is fully aware)
Jessica:Tamara is a bitch(Tamara turns to Jessica, and Jessica turns to Tamara) Yes Tamara, you're a bitch.
Tamara:You're a bigger bitch than I am AND you're psycho.
Jessica: Thank you.

(Tamara walks away)

Jessica: I hope she dies (Haley shares this info with Tamara)
Tamara: You wish I'd die?
Jessica: Yes, you stupid bleach-blonde bitch, I wish you'd die!


(They're finally on stage and it's really dark. They're behind a curtain)

Someone:Tamara? Where are you?
Jessica:How can you not see that bleach-blond hair?
Tamara:My hair's not bleached!
Jessica: Could have fooled me.
Tamara:Well your hair is shit brown, so you need to just shut the fuck up!
Jessica:(sarcastically) Ooooo ow, that hurt. I'm gonna go home and cry now. Boo-Fucking-Hoo. You know what? I could give a fuck less what you think, so just shut your fucking mouth.
Tamara: Well I don't give a shit what you think so you shut up.
Jessica: Yeah whatever.

yeah so the curtain came up, and we sang while I looked all gothic and pissed. yeppah.....

funny stuff that happened today......

I was talking to Kenny today, and he was trying to get a song stuck in my head...here's how it went....

Kenny: Hey jessica, "it's not what you did, it's not what you didn't, she just likes getting her fuck on and she's good for that I'm sure"
Kenny: I know
Jessica: yeah, but I can always talk about the fact that you do your mom.
Kenny: Aw man jessica that's a horrible fact-- ah I mean...AH GOD THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT BY THAT!!!!

then I died laughing.....

then in literature...we were reading Romeo and Juliet..... my friend carlos was reading this one part and he was supposed to say something to the effect of "He was trying to strew her grave" and instead he was all "He was trying to screw her grave--ah I mean strew" lmao...it was funny...and everyone laughed at him.

then later he was trying to get some glitter off of his head....and he was rubbing paper over where the glitter was...(he's brown...or hispanic)

Carlos: I can't get this glitter off of me! (takes the paper down...it has a brown tint on it from the rubbing)
Jessica: Carlos! your color is coming off! YOU'RE NOT REALLY BROWN!!!! You are a crayon!
Carlos: I know man...I'm trying to pull a michael Jackson.
Jessica: How much foundation did you have to use to get that color?

lol.....we laughed at that too..... you guys...... I feel like I could cry. I'm so happy it's overwhelming and it hurts. it's crazy...and I can't tell you guys why....yes....but you will all eventually know...at some point or another....and some people okay...well one person......may hate me for it....because it will mean that I lied to them. But oh well. I'll still be that person's friend if he wishes. well I must go........

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Tuesday, December 10th, 2002
7:31 pm - A quiz to tie you over til my next entry.....
Which Sesame Street Muppet's Dark Secret Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
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